ST – Shape of Things, Iteration work week 5

Week 5 , I try to do more things of my old one. by wire and clay


ST – Shape of Things, week 4

We were told to do something with plastic bags and Gina show us work of some artist like Tony oursler and Olga Diego. We were working in groups of 3 people, Jason & Tristan include me.

Then I decided to put at side of window and give the  light shine through it as the practices to experiment it with space or using fan.

Or I imagine it light up using a projector and put it into space

Then I took some of my wire work that I work based on the  “floating” verb, I change or situate it in another site.

I think the site very emerging to gives an identity or narratives of our work. For instance photos above that I place the work in grass land makes how beautifully done by photograph or visual satisfaction and second I put in space so it looks like floating.



ST – Shape of Things, Plaster and Clay week 3

Third week’s of workshop we,especially me first time seeing the process with plaster and clay for first time. Notes I taken was plaster ratio is 1:1.5 , 1 kg of plaster flour : 1.5 Litre of water, then mix it then put inside a medium to  make a mould with certain shape.

I chose to work with clay because I always love statue or ornament things and this was a great moment to experiment with it.


Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve


REVISION after critics:

So I’ve decided and know further what I am gonna do for final output of practice after input from few lectures’ critics. I make clear what and how my design gonna be in new slide / pdf also know how to put maori / culture aspect in the design as there is a connection between.

ICIB 5102 Mickhel framing the scape- C&D practice revision


I revise almost half of total slides because one of input from lectures is too much research and need to get to the point after describing only an outline of scape research.

skater arena drawing1

What makes my skate park different from the others is because I am gonna put a tribe (maori culture) pattern, design and graffiti in the landscape or skate arena to attract and appeal the beauty of the tradition.

Another reason is I did a research that all of skate park in Auckland city only a plain one.


So these are sketches and additional forms that I will put in my skate park.

My revision is now more clear in aspect of my practice area and my final outcome of project.

This is the note I got from lectures’ critics:




SW eportfolio reflectives

It was been a good weeks to listened to few stories’ of artist and lectures in Unitec about how they frame their creative practices. The framing could be from childhood, family, friends, environment and era (age).

Firstly, Paul Woodruffe, a graphic designer which got vast experience in many aspects. Start from his childhood story by living at a house and have a garden, and parents which got medieval background influence makes his art practice. How a simple picture holder could give an inspiration to him and own until now. Another case that he also involved in some  architecture design especially in landscape design as his childhood spend mostly playing at garden and how he loves playing around what he already lives in from a long time. Afterward, an improvement to an art as a public service which can be seen in some place of Auckland city such as intersection of somewhere in Avondale street, park and so on.

Secondly, William bardebes, also a graphic designer which art influenced by Vietnam war era and since child was interested on how typography works. For instance an alphabet with two different style (font). He also explained how an ads works for example in comic books and how to make it interesting or a poster composition and text could deliver a meaning. For example, art workers coalition – and babies 1979, Jamie Reid God save the queen 1977, Saigmeister Aiga Poster 1998. Another proof that he involved into a work of shark fins, he arrange it in order until it makes a visible sentence of Each Hour, Every Hour. The design shows how a text and symbols or icons that representing sharks getting killed each hour and every hour compared to how a human death caused by sharks.

Thirdly, Emma Smith, a painter. She explained how painting always represent the time of now which is alive even it stay still. Her inspiration influenced of many artists, such as Michael Borremans, Grunewald, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Henry Darger, etc. One painting of Leonardo Da Vinci shows a mom breastfeed the baby. It may look normal to other people but if it seen by a pregnant lady or a mom it will giving more special (deep) meaning to them. Emma’s work mostly inspired from a repeated straight lines and poles which creates a structures of a mass. Her creative practices are mostly done by oil painting  on huge scale of canvas.

Carsten Kudra, a film maker and editor. He was born in Germany and always fond of hobbits by J.K Rowling and a traditional game of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). He start his career as cameraman after he graduates from high school. Then move to New Zealand maybe because of beautiful tales and scenery made in here. He believes that story telling is most important part of his field as film director. Yet, D&D is one of way to polish the story telling skills because the game has a dungeon master as a narrative and story maker which give challenge, plot also stage for the player/character.

In conclusion, I summarise that most creative practices from the speakers influenced by the early childhood and the effect of their surroundings.

There are some locations that could inform my creative practice. My first favourite location is bedroom as I am not really sociable, I could call it my cave where I usually get inspirations from internet or private collections and private tools since I can play or experiment as much as I can. Another reason is too complicated sometimes to bring tools out of house. Moreover, usually ideas come whenever at night right when I lie down on bed before fall asleep.

Second place would be nature place, forest, mountain (hill).  I was born and living in village where the environment is mostly surrounds by nature, not much pollution and no high rise building. Moreover that time there is no really hi- technology yet. It clears my mind just by hearing the sounds of nature. I could say many creative things could be done from nature as well. Now it reminds me of my childhood as I always picked up by bus back from school, I always looking at sky while gazing the clouds shape in many variety animals or imaginations such as dragons, and chinese bird phoenix.