STOP MOTION ICIB5302 Specialist Technology




For the typeface of title I chose MAD SCIENTIST, I choose a grunge style of stencil font to represent the messy style of madness, anger caused by stress. And the scientist is a normal good times font to represent an intellectual of the job.
the mad scientist.png
The “Invention Gone Wrong” is normal type face with a combination color of white in green stroke which giving a thrill effect in typeface. If it zoomed precisely on poster the mad scientist’ red color also in a thin green stroke, a combination of red and green, a nausea (nasty) feel of effect.

StopMotion Video



For the sfx itself pink panther BGM is very common to find and it is coincidental found by me when I browse for the sound effect from or That website is specialize in wallpaper, ringtone and themes for phone which I always used in old times before android launched and because I am fan of illustration/anime and so on. Personally I feel that BGM is used for a mystery theme. The other BGM like screaming when the human turn to Chewbacca makes a little surprise and a humour sense to it since this is playful process of animation making. I edit two kind of clanging sound since I could not find one in that website or maybe not the right keyword.
Here is the list of BGM I used in the video:





ICIB 5102 2nd trials with models

After the consideration of canceling the after-concept. I want to eliminate that elements and I start over with my base design by making a “NO-Scale” model made of cardboard/paper box.

Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve118There is a little bit parts I change from the design during the process and I start to draft the technical drawing in AutoCAD as feedback from lecture that I need to specify the scale in precise measurement such as floorplan, section plan and details but sadly the data was deleted or replaced with the newest final version of it so I do not have any documentation of it.



ICIB5102 trials error, The revision Concept after presentation

ICIB 5102 Mickhel framing the scape- C&D practice revision

This is research I did after the first presentation and getting input (critics) from lectures. I try to involve the elements of maori cultures as part of New Zealand’s culture .


Firstly, It is about the area of prcatice because I realized my project has a potential in these 4 elements.

Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve12Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve115


Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve118Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve119Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve120Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve121

but along the process of feedback to do it I decided to cancel this concept because in my opinion this  will takes very long research since too early and new comer to New Zealand. Moreover the cultures is not something easy and fast research incase it might resulted  to offend the cultures itself. Maybe next time 🙂