Assignment 1 , exercise 1 of 3- My Story


     My name is Mickhel, born in 1991. I am from Medan city of Indonesia. Lovely country  which is rich of its natural resources, such as crude oil, natural gas, various types of metal, water and land.


     I love everything related to art  such as cartoon, anime, or art class in my kindergarten time, from colouring to tracing a drawing. That is why I love to scratch my notebook or textbook in my school time.




After I graduate from high school, I took Bachelor in Architecture major for 4 years because there are no art major university / college in my city, and the graphic design program only a diploma. I also got part time for a year during my study as assistant of senior architect which I help him to draft and learn design.

-Final Project Model for Bachelor in Architecture major-


      I try to go capital city of Indonesia to find work but did not turns so well. and then I go back to Medan city.


      I follow my friend to work for a Contractor company which cooperate with an trustee of Funeral House & Temple related. During that time, I and my friend work as an architect, designing and cooperate with field engineer. The project was mostly about Temple and Funeral House and some design for home.

-↑↑One example of Interior Design↑↑-

-↑↑Prayer Room↑↑-


       This story started from when my coworker (friend) introduce me some digital-art work from internet and we start to dig more about our interest. -(2014)

      Then after I start to notice digital-art and keen/determined to learn how to draw and paint digitally using wacom drawing pad (tablet) – year 2014 till present.
As mentioned above that I deeply determined in digital arts, I was attending private class from one of most talented artist and illustrator, Henryca Citra, who coincidentally live in the same city as me in Indonesia. Start in 2015 by drawing traditionally from pencil to pen technique, proportion, shading and gradient. In addition, I continue to learn digital arts by autodidact from internet since I was advised to shape traditional technique before digital. Unfortunately, after learning almost 1 year, the teacher could not continue teaching due to deadline projects, thus I continued to learn drawing and painting digital by myself.

-Traditional Art-

Tools:             -Pencils (HB,B,2B,4B,6B)

                               -Drawing Pen (0.1 ; 0.3 ; 0.6)

-Chinese Ink

-Digital Arts-

Tools: Wacom Intuos CTL-480

New Zealand

      In short, I always had a dream to live overseas, and because I also want to try to get into art industry and the art in New Zealand is also doing very well either traditional media and digital media. This was proven in film industry which many film produced in New Zealand such as  The Last Samurai, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Frighteners and  The Lord of the Rings

      That could sum up why I pick New Zealand’s Unitec Bachelor of Creative Enterprise as my starting point 🙂

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star” -W. Clement Stone


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