Photoshop 101

Exercise 1 – Layers, Tools & Opacity

one memory from last year?      ↓  -Vacation-  ↓

CT exercise 1

Exercise 2 – Tools, Adjustment, Layers

CT class exercise 21.jpgIn class we learnt how to use ‘shape tools’ which have subtools such as rectangle,ellipse,polygonal, and custom shape. and then with diverse colour and opacity makes the color mixed and blend when the layers are piling each other.


Exercise 3 – Blend Modes

WallOn the next step we use Marquee tool (M) which has subtools we use in this case such as Elliptical & Rectangle marquee tools also Magic wand tool (W)Quick selection tool (W) .Then we select the window brick, delete it and replaced it with random factory interior image. For the shortcut keys to change from current tools to subtools actually we can press and hold Shift+(letters)”.


exercise 3

Exercise 4 – Masks

In this phase, we play with blend tools which located above the layers menu. Many variation way or option could be used depends on image and style which actually many photographers also use this technique for image editing.

For the result of practices: ↓↓

PhotoRealistic Image



I was trying to playing with sky, clouds, and mountain but suddenly remind me of games scenery and adding a cityscape in it.

here is the RAW picture :

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The forest and cat materials are from class reference, and trying to make it funny by making the giant cat with recent funny meme.

here is the RAW picture :

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