Assignment 1, Exercise 3 of 3 – Artwork Disscused



Gunta Stölzl.c

Gunta Stölzl.c is a German textile artist who played a fundamental role in the development of the  Bahaus school’s weaving workshop. Her textile work is thought to typify the distinctive style of Bauhaus textiles.

Her textile work is thought to typify the distinctive style of Bauhaus textiles. She joined the Bauhaus as a student in 1920, became a junior master in 1927 and a full master the next year. She was dismissed for political reasons in 1931, two years before the Bauhaus closed under pressure from the Nazis.

In her teaching Gunta applied ideas from modern art that she acquired in the classes of Jonannes Itten (color theory), Paul Klee (visual thinking) and Wassily Kandinsky (abstract art) into a new weaving practice. Bauhaus’ Weaving department at the time did not offer much for her to learn technically. Her and other students took courses and learned the craft outside of the school, soon becoming experts. Lack of technical guidelines allowed her and her colleagues to question and experiment with different materials and techniques, allowing them to make the step from traditional textile techniques and weaving done by generations before to the new weaving that would become admired by generations after.

I like most of her works because it involve colour, vector and space. The combination of colour and vector makes the pattern as if it shown the depth and volume. This proves that only simple streaks could provides an eye pleasure. The sight will kept bounce to every detail of the pattern and sometimes the sight will stopped for some time to comprehend its pattern.



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