C&D – Collections

We were asked to bring a collections of 10 images with 2 sequence, each sequence can be different object. The purpose is we can explain and discuss how we can develop this object / image more creatively since psychologically a person can be ‘more’ by doing what they love (collections).

1st sequence
My collection of gundam (a Model kit based from japan anime) which assemble by pieces. Actually i did some upgrade by repaint for the gold,red and blue color and some inner parts to make it looks detail and cooler (basically in original model, the color only basic, red , blue and yellow with dark grey inner parts) and also the weapon is a samurai from other model.

2nd Interest : Superbike I found from Internet

The 2 sequences I chose is based on the coherence between them which is two machinery object with edgy shape and models. Actually it also give me the idea of something like from transformer, just with different object and shape.


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