CT Perspective week 7 – McLuhan/Toffler/Kurzweil

Team 1 presentation is about 3 futurism artist and giving a moot for a class to discuss.

Starting by the 3 artists MARSHALL McLUHAN, ALVIN TOFFLER, RAY KURZWEIL history and then  we explore into deep discussion that “Does our memory become worse or getting better with the rise of technology

Many kind of opinion emerge such as

  • The technology keep developing nowadays that we do not need to keep too much information in our mind instead of storing in a disk or drives.
  • People nowadays become more relying almost everything on  technologies.
  • Social media already here to help keeping information (data).
  • In the future Nano bots will be able to help on keeping our memory not only in devices instead in the cloud.

In conclusion i would like to agree with the moot. It cannot be denied that the new generation will depends on technologies because it make our lives more easier and we as human were created to evolve.


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