CT week 8- AI



Tools (shape , text) , outline, fill colour
Transform >Transform each

Learning how to make ellipse > round circle and with the outline option of strokes size and color , making text. The interesting technique is Transform each which could make drawing/works faster especially when do printing/copy.

notes: Transform each > ctrl+D (duplicate)



Direct selection tool, outline, opacity

Direct selection tool, changing edge of edge (modify),  shapes shifting.

3.Tracing penguins

Penguin Tracing1

Pen tool

The function of pen tool is similiar with Photoshop . tracing the shapes with pen tool in new blank layer and fill color.



windows > pathfinder
compound shapes (double click)

Pathfinder (Unite, Intersect, Minus Front, Exclude, Divide)
Tools that might often used for making logo or vector drawing.

5. Vector / compound image

image trace

Object > Image Trace

Shatter/break all compound level of colours into vector shapes.


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