CT Perspective week 10 – Art & Technology

Team 4 presentation is about Art & Technology from past,present and future which in the past people are more into traditional-art since the technologies is limited. In present technologies keep growing fast and improved. For instance, Google Autodraw is invented to help making a better sketches and illustration for some people who lack of drawing skills.

The group’s moot was:
“Forget painting, We have Technology”

My group reaction about this moot that it is good to be flows with technologies which could help our work more efficient and faster. Some people are in opinion we should keep doing traditional way in order to respect the old ways of doing art and the passion of doing it. In my opinion, I would like agree and disagree somehow the technologies these days keep improved so fast and it surround our life whether you like it or not, whether you need it or not, everything become hi-tech. I think we also should not totally all out on technologies since I believe the way people approach art is by traditionally doing it and learn faster by doing traditionally. For instance, Picasso always doing another way of art painting such as sculpture study to get to know better on how he could make a better painting.


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