CT Perspective week 11 – The Future of Work

This week’s team is my turn for presentation. My work is presenting about one interesting aspect of Future of Work.
The Idea of Basic Income
To start with technologies and internet advancement, the ways of human works will change even it is not reached its peak yet. As physical work, repetitious tasks, and even some aspect of research are into the rise of increasingly intelligent and efficient machines and software.
Many people believe that job growth cannot keep up with the automation these days and keep accelerating. In conclusion people will will having difficulties of finding a job especially general labour. For instance, KIVA robots / drone in amazon ‘s has already make the job more easier in terms of time efficiency since human might takes hour to find, locating or roam for the goods around the warehouse.

Link to the presentation PPT of team 5

The moot was : In the near future,there would be no need for humans in the workplace for we would be replaced by technology.

Many people agree with the moot because the human need technology to make the work easier but not been fully replaced because the machines itself need a maintenance or a supervisor to control them. Secondly, there was a discussion maybe AI could developing or learning themselves to become better and better.


References for my presentation:





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