CT Perspective summit – ‘Summary Post’

What was the most impressive ?

I was impressed by deep web presentation by ninad in Team 3 because deep web is usually called invisible web or hidden web, are are parts of the World Wide Web which contents are not indexed by standard search engines for any reason. The content is hidden behind HTML forms. It is the worst internet side that recommended not to visit because of the illegal use like hiding an IP or literally everything from small activity like paying somebody to do your homework until hi-criminal activity. I was never know this kind of deep web is ever exist.

icebergdeepweb-1.jpgImg Source

What was the scariest technology ?

Many would like to agree that AI is most scary technology. The improvement of the system that could able to create own intelligence or another AI. No one would ever know if it will rule the world with its self-intelligent improvement without limit and knows everything in universe.


img source

Which one (or more) might you imagine working with in your creative practice?

I prefer Multimedia since for me it is like Mother of arts, because I have interest in graphic illustration, animation and visual effects. It works include graphics, audio, video technology and many more interactive aspects in it. You ought to know more than one skills because a design itself is variety from many kind of topic and themes that not  only in art field. For instance, architecture, advertising, psychology, animals and so on.


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