PP in class task 2 – Collection Exhibition Documentation

pdf collection exhibition

Exhibition week has finally held at UNITEC’s building 76. We as first year student were taught how to held and arrange the exhibition properly. The me, concept, framing, compositioning, organizing


Image 1. Exhibition (Mickhel,2017)

Theme & Concept
It is matter of how we put the same thing together side by side. Creating an unspoken background within it. For instance, matching the room’s object or shape with the collection (showcase) or even a collection by collection with similiar theme.

Framing & Composition
By setting an horizontal line as tall as human standard sight in order to show the collection and label as people are standing in the exhibition.


Image 2. Frame & Composition (Mickhel,2017)


Image 3. Object Information (Mickhel,2017)

Object Information:
Gundam Model-kit
Injection-molded polystyrene plastic model

Label Information:
Gundam, also referred to as the Gundam Series, is a science fiction med ia franchise created by Sunrise that features giant robots (mecha) called mobile suits, with titular mobile suits that carry the name Gundam.

I started to collect gundam model-kit from 2010 because I personally love to collect toys and action figures, not only model kits. Model kit is interesting because the model’s shape (robotic shape) and the fun while assembling its parts. I think it could help us to be more creative by assembling it and the cool part is many people modify the model kit such as over-paint, lining or even re-craft th e parts.


Image 4. Gundam Collection (Mickhel,2017)


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