C & D – Development Research

The research i did mostly about repetition with simple shape


photos collection in my pinterest collection

The artist that influenced my design are:

Reframe cube portrait installation by Adam Scales, Pierre Berthelomeau and Paul Van Den Berg

img source

The repetition made a dimension of space into one spot and it is astonishing that it is only depends on rectangle shape and the structure is made with flat polycarbonate sheets.

Idris khan

img source1

img source2


Khan’s work draws from a diverse range of cultural sources including literature, history, art, music and religion to create a densely layered imagery that is both abstract and figurative into single moments.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

img source1

img source2

img source3

The work from Nobuhiro is mesmerizing body of work entitled layered drawings is truly breathtaking.

the way he photograph the scene and arrange it repetitively in small change of movement made a huge impact to the art which create a shape form or depth.


I try to experiment about the models which is failed in first & 2nd try but I forget to take documentation about it. After that, I try again to create another experiment with more simple with rectangle shape which create random shape. *I twist it dimension*

figure 1. photos by Mickhel , 2017

The idea of rectangle shape is from:


img source: pinterest

The next step was tried to cover the whole side but end up failed and this is what I created.

figure 2. photos by Mickhel , 2017

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