C & D – Development _Final model and design

For my final experiment about the shape I did for ‘enhance skill for presentation drawings’ which we created a midtone and mixed media for the personal project of our idea/drawings.

figure 1. photo by Mickhel, 2017

the 4th experiment I did for final, I use cardboard as based to strengthen it and the stick shape in middle as foundation/column/pilar as reference or spot to the end of twisted object to make it end up to a middle.

This is my final result of individual paper project:


figure 2. photo by Mickhel, 2017

In the end I try to improve  by found field and its shape texture using software.


figure 2. edited by Mickhel, 2017

This is my final design for my case study which mostly about repetition that contained in studying moving image/animation. In this case of practice I start use simple shape to stack it up and rotate it and then simplify it. Suddenly it gave an image of flying mountain that we can found only in animation(fantasy) movie or game.



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