CT week 11- In class assignment of Id

CT assignment – week 11


CT week 10 – Interactive Design

The  Purpose of doing this class and method is to help learning how we can interact with other  people such as customer as fast as possible. In class we were given a “GIFT” topic to practice interact and then we illustrate the data we got into phone application.


*** 2. How did testing and getting feedback impact your final design?

The testing and data i got is quite important in my opinion because  in order to design a final piece we always need a data we got from customers or what they want by approaching their interest. After that, getting feedback is always a must since it allow us to  build and maintain a communication with others.

CT Week 9 – Indesign 101

Indesign is an adobe software that could be used for designing posters, brochures, magazines or books. The output is usually an Interactive Pdf which could makes the readings or designs more interesting than usual pdf. Moreover, we can design the buttons, animations, and other media such as images or text with hyper link and so on.

ICIB5301 Week 9 (Draft InDesign) copy

video copy

CT week 8- AI



Tools (shape , text) , outline, fill colour
Transform >Transform each

Learning how to make ellipse > round circle and with the outline option of strokes size and color , making text. The interesting technique is Transform each which could make drawing/works faster especially when do printing/copy.

notes: Transform each > ctrl+D (duplicate)



Direct selection tool, outline, opacity

Direct selection tool, changing edge of edge (modify),  shapes shifting.

3.Tracing penguins

Penguin Tracing1

Pen tool

The function of pen tool is similiar with Photoshop . tracing the shapes with pen tool in new blank layer and fill color.



windows > pathfinder
compound shapes (double click)

Pathfinder (Unite, Intersect, Minus Front, Exclude, Divide)
Tools that might often used for making logo or vector drawing.

5. Vector / compound image

image trace

Object > Image Trace

Shatter/break all compound level of colours into vector shapes.