CT Perspective summit – ‘Summary Post’

What was the most impressive ?

I was impressed by deep web presentation by ninad in Team 3 because deep web is usually called invisible web or hidden web, are are parts of the World Wide Web which contents are not indexed by standard search engines for any reason. The content is hidden behind HTML forms. It is the worst internet side that recommended not to visit because of the illegal use like hiding an IP or literally everything from small activity like paying somebody to do your homework until hi-criminal activity. I was never know this kind of deep web is ever exist.

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What was the scariest technology ?

Many would like to agree that AI is most scary technology. The improvement of the system that could able to create own intelligence or another AI. No one would ever know if it will rule the world with its self-intelligent improvement without limit and knows everything in universe.


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Which one (or more) might you imagine working with in your creative practice?

I prefer Multimedia since for me it is like Mother of arts, because I have interest in graphic illustration, animation and visual effects. It works include graphics, audio, video technology and many more interactive aspects in it. You ought to know more than one skills because a design itself is variety from many kind of topic and themes that not  only in art field. For instance, architecture, advertising, psychology, animals and so on.


CT Perspective week 12 – Perspective Summit

Group 4 – Multimedia

This is the link of our PPT MULTIMEDIA


In class we presenting about the multimedia technology that multimedia is variation and combination of content which includes the media itself, communication, graphics, audios, and videos technology.

I was presenting a topic of Possibilities and opportunities that multimedia offer. Multimedia is used in many kind of field these days regarding to rapidly technology development. Creative industries use multimedia for a variety purposes from fine arts, to entertainment, commercial art, journalism to media and software services.

  1. Commercial uses
    Multimedia could be useful to make an interesting presentation/output design in advertising to get an attention.

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  2. Entertainment and Fine arts
    This is the most heavily used of multimedia wsoecially to develop special effects in movies and animatons (VFX & 3D animations, etc). Some video games also use multimedia features such as VR (Virtual Realty) & AR (augmented Reality).

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  3. Education
    In education multimedia using a Computer-Based Training course (CBT). Many varieties of field use multimedia as education or simulation such as engineer, mathematical and scientific research and even medical. In education, CBT let the user go through a series of presentation text about a particular topic and associated illustration in various information format.

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    Engineering education purposes: simulation of pilot

  4. For medical purposes
    In medical, doctors can get trasined by looking at virtual surgery or they can stimulate how the human body is affected by diseases spread by viruses and bacteria and could develop techniques to prevent it.

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In my opinion, Multimedia takes important position in first place because it combine various media such as traditional arts, communications, and digital arts (graphic, audio and video technology) to interact with and assist design industry become more interesting and variant.

Group 1: WEB & THE MEDIA

Technology consist of web and media , which the media usually connect to the web in order to make  a wider connection, for example media social. Nowadays many people use social media, even they try to make money or gain something (popularity) from it. Sometimes the power of technology such as internet could be scary as it is since there are no guaranteed privacy because many people  even saving or store files to internet.

My opinion about this topic is how the matter of personal use of this technology even there will be always a risk of anything. Internet and social media can be used for good or simple thing, to keep contact with friends.


Mobile software is a software which usually used for IT administrator, distribution of applications, etc. For example, Uber, google map was made in mobile software because of efficiency since many people are connecting to internet with mobile hardware.

Same as group 1 that the mobile software are made and without limit of internet connection which could be warning of hacked, no privacy and so on. There is some good of this mobile software that people even creating a design software which could be  accessed in mobile ver (application) and it is so helpful for people who like to have sudden concept, reminder and designing.


This group explained about how the technology is far develop these days, broadcasting, ebook, newspaper, magazines and it interesting because there was a part of presentation about deep web which is something like illegal activity could be done and far more unknown to common.


The notes for this group is how the visual language is related and used towards technology. For instance these days, emoticon is being used to express a sentence in interactive way / media. Technology advancement make an easier way to communicate disability for learning.

Group 6: AI

It always give me an awe of AI works because it is like a brain , a cyber brain which even could created to develop more by itself. This team explain about the development of AI like it applied to machines which have more perfection than human.


Interactive design become more and more in our live. How it invade us for example with VR and AR to make it interesting and more advance in the future (technology).


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Vaughan, Tay, 1993, Multimedia: Making It Work (first edition, ISBN 0-07-881869-9), Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley.


CT Perspective week 11 – The Future of Work

This week’s team is my turn for presentation. My work is presenting about one interesting aspect of Future of Work.
The Idea of Basic Income
To start with technologies and internet advancement, the ways of human works will change even it is not reached its peak yet. As physical work, repetitious tasks, and even some aspect of research are into the rise of increasingly intelligent and efficient machines and software.
Many people believe that job growth cannot keep up with the automation these days and keep accelerating. In conclusion people will will having difficulties of finding a job especially general labour. For instance, KIVA robots / drone in amazon ‘s has already make the job more easier in terms of time efficiency since human might takes hour to find, locating or roam for the goods around the warehouse.

Link to the presentation PPT of team 5

The moot was : In the near future,there would be no need for humans in the workplace for we would be replaced by technology.

Many people agree with the moot because the human need technology to make the work easier but not been fully replaced because the machines itself need a maintenance or a supervisor to control them. Secondly, there was a discussion maybe AI could developing or learning themselves to become better and better.


References for my presentation:




CT Perspective week 10 – Art & Technology

Team 4 presentation is about Art & Technology from past,present and future which in the past people are more into traditional-art since the technologies is limited. In present technologies keep growing fast and improved. For instance, Google Autodraw is invented to help making a better sketches and illustration for some people who lack of drawing skills.

The group’s moot was:
“Forget painting, We have Technology”

My group reaction about this moot that it is good to be flows with technologies which could help our work more efficient and faster. Some people are in opinion we should keep doing traditional way in order to respect the old ways of doing art and the passion of doing it. In my opinion, I would like agree and disagree somehow the technologies these days keep improved so fast and it surround our life whether you like it or not, whether you need it or not, everything become hi-tech. I think we also should not totally all out on technologies since I believe the way people approach art is by traditionally doing it and learn faster by doing traditionally. For instance, Picasso always doing another way of art painting such as sculpture study to get to know better on how he could make a better painting.

CT Perspective week 9 – Future of Content

Team 3 presentation about Future of Content, which how the future content like media social and the AI (Artificial Intelligence) could analyze the demand by keep learning  or tracking the keyword.

The Moot was:
“Customized Content will improve productivity and provide characteristic information. However, it will cause people to be less independent.”


Many groups include mine, agreed with the statement how the technology itself improved and gives us information based on what is our most interest to feed. But many disagree that it will cause people to be less independent. Personally, I think that people will still trying to find the information or content by their hard work to prove that the source is reliable or from accurate references. AI filter system is mostly gather information as much as possible and spam it based on USER EXPERIENCE which people sometimes get a wrong / inaccurate source.