From reference to this vectorize / cubism ↓↓↓


And then I tried to apply the cubism concept into the drawing I’ve chose ↓↓↓


Trying to make it more interesting because of feedback , I saw some fabric/cloth pattern ↓↓↓


And do it again, I can say this one is the addictive strategy that I apply to this drawing.


I can say that these four images that best work of my process and final form of my works.

The reason I choose them, firstly is because I saw the reference from grid that give me idea of pattern and playing with the images randomly.
P_20170404_123255Secondly, since my images of sequences both are related to line/vectorize/mechanical or sharpy edge which makes shapes. It give me thought of plane, volume/mass which I start to get this drawing and apply it to the drawings to make it artistic and applying addictive strategy on it. Look at the picture beside, when I look at the wall it give pleasure to eyes and moving around because of its randomness and disoriented. But somehow it stopped at some point where we start gaze to look and imagine at depth (volume) of the drawing / shape.

C & D – Addictive & Subtractive

In class we were explained about principles of “all-over” or “figure/ground” compositions and produce a new sequence of four images using addictive and subtractive drawing strategy.

By using addictive strategy:
Firstly, I start imagine how the picture will gonna develop more by drawing / imagine it flying above sky and some effects around to make it looks interesting.
Secondly, the image of robot give me an idea of making a futuristic pets that too much craziness/unique in it.

By using subtractive strategy:

I try to eliminate the element of the image and thinking of what it can become after that. A half machine , half humanoid motorcycle and a motorboat design.