PP- Industry symposium

During the session on 13th April & 4th May 2017 , Many speakers come to unitec to share their experience in industry. Two speakers were caught my attention was Laura Lochhead and Jeff Thompson.

Laura Lochhead

Laura is Interior designer and a founder of pocketspace Interiors Ltd. with team in Auckland and Sydney. She talked about of herself from Interior Architecture and her style of art. She now has design vast range of interior from small to large offices, showrooms, medical centers.

The things that caught my attention was how she make design with creative way such as using log she found useful from nowhere and backpacking it back to make it into  seat of swing.

As someone who has graduated from the same field as Laura , I found fascinated that she could also make a clkspace that a website for a customer who wanted to design their space and what kind of modifying she and team could make the possibility to the space/room with specification of price and source. It is very efficient.

Img source : http://www.pocketspaceinteriors.co.nz/portfolio-1/

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson, a sculptor, an artist, corrugated iron man. He was an Art major graduation who really loves to draw and paint but end up as a sculptor with unique style and design. He has very cool way of sculpting using a corrugated iron roof. Making shapes by make it curve and dance.

While taking a break from his art studies. Thomson found himself somewhere in New Zealand near dunedin. During that time he decided to do adventure by his decision and by walking. While walking journey , Thompson started to observing and collecting the wealth of highway paraphernalia that he found on our roadsides. Until he sculpt a rural letterbox sculptures from corrugated iron which make him well-known for his work until now.

Most of his work are jaw-dropping, only by using corrugated iron roof stack/stand it side by side and sculpt an animal. From that he makes a sculpt by more realistic as he can by creating an metal/iron frame inside to make a stand then wrapped it with corrugated iron. Some of his works caught my attention such as the horses, the kangaroos at airport in Australia and a 6m tall Giraffe.


Img source: https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/383228249515393583/


Img source: https://www.canberraairport.com.au/travellers/the-new-terminal/sculptures/


Img source: http://stmargarets.school.nz/communities/contact-the-pfa/giraffe-jeff-thomson/

The Industry symposium giving an experience to learn from the expert and teach us how an art know no borders to be attained. Making connections and always to learn how to use everything around us in a right way.


Professional Practice – week 4; Amazing Race and the finding

Team: Jason, Mickhel, Tristan

We start our amazing race at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki on kitchener street. The race was fun, we spend half day in the gallery, visit jewelry museum, another art museum in lorne street. Then in class we were compete with other group in order to win some gift for whom got high point by answering a question we got when at the auckland gallery. Unfortunately we only scored 29.

The finding for my group was  : “Immigration”, we are trying to pin like a map and places since it is related to the finding topic.

Group Presentation: Vivienne Westwood (week 1)

Group Power Point
Team : Gino, Jason, Mickhel, Tristan

Vivienne Westwood PPT

Dame v.w, was born in Derbyshire on 8th april 1941, is a   legendary  british fashion designer and business woman . she was very famous in fashion design world which active for  more than 34 years. 

Westwood is one of the most influential and respected designers in the fashion industry as she also win many award / achievement in her career. Moreover many of fashion shop in the world especially in european already stand under her label.

Westwood was the designer who often let her clothes speak for themselves, as independent designs and as her own statements of culture. This idea that she uses her clothing as a statement of her own is a motif consistent throughout her time as a designer.

Mother of Punk
Vivienne Westwood is often cited as punk’s creator, but the complex genesis of punk is also found in England’s depressed economic and sociopolitical conditions of the mid-1970s. Punk was as much a youthful reaction against older generations, considered oppressive and outdated, as a product of the newly recognized and influential youth culture.