PP – Integrated Project MAPPING

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Interactive  PDF document:

brain development – mickhel

core subjective idea – mickhel

the roller coaster mood – mickhel


Many things were learnt during this Mapping project of ‘paper project’. I could able to develop the capability of navigating the creative process and experience of it. The pattern of mapping gives the idea of reflecting to a professional way to creating and developing through the final process. For instance “Did I do good?” “Is it working?” feedback, “how to get there” and so on.


Here is the practices I did for integrated project before coming the idea of Final




That are the core system, the roller coaster chart and 100 blocks.
The process after following in-class and doing some feedback to it, I do another improvement such as:

paper project process.jpg


Final Integrated Project (PP)

Brain development

brain development.jpg

Core subjective idea

core subjective idea.jpg

The roller coaster mood