ICIB 5102 Integrated-Installation & Research

MICKHEL ICIB5102 Intergrated – Installation and research


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ICIB 5102 2nd trials with models

After the consideration of canceling the after-concept. I want to eliminate that elements and I start over with my base design by making a “NO-Scale” model made of cardboard/paper box.

Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve118There is a little bit parts I change from the design during the process and I start to draft the technical drawing in AutoCAD as feedback from lecture that I need to specify the scale in precise measurement such as floorplan, section plan and details but sadly the data was deleted or replaced with the newest final version of it so I do not have any documentation of it.



ICIB5102 trials error, The revision Concept after presentation

ICIB 5102 Mickhel framing the scape- C&D practice revision

This is research I did after the first presentation and getting input (critics) from lectures. I try to involve the elements of maori cultures as part of New Zealand’s culture .


Firstly, It is about the area of prcatice because I realized my project has a potential in these 4 elements.

Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve12Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve115


Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve118Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve119Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve120Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve121

but along the process of feedback to do it I decided to cancel this concept because in my opinion this  will takes very long research since too early and new comer to New Zealand. Moreover the cultures is not something easy and fast research incase it might resulted  to offend the cultures itself. Maybe next time 🙂


Mickhel framing the scape- war memorial reserve


REVISION after critics:

So I’ve decided and know further what I am gonna do for final output of practice after input from few lectures’ critics. I make clear what and how my design gonna be in new slide / pdf also know how to put maori / culture aspect in the design as there is a connection between.

ICIB 5102 Mickhel framing the scape- C&D practice revision


I revise almost half of total slides because one of input from lectures is too much research and need to get to the point after describing only an outline of scape research.

skater arena drawing1

What makes my skate park different from the others is because I am gonna put a tribe (maori culture) pattern, design and graffiti in the landscape or skate arena to attract and appeal the beauty of the tradition.

Another reason is I did a research that all of skate park in Auckland city only a plain one.


So these are sketches and additional forms that I will put in my skate park.

My revision is now more clear in aspect of my practice area and my final outcome of project.

This is the note I got from lectures’ critics:




C&D Week 4 – Float, Hybrid & Contextualization research

Week 4, Final week for preparatory  prototyping practice, this week we were asked to combine our work from 3D, tactile and digital.




Contextualisation of Research


Firstly I want to express that it is fun and enjoying weeks to work with except the massive load of deadline to work with, combined to other class / course. I start doing research from first week to week 4th which I could say that circle is the symbol of floating representative as it shape got no edge, dynamic, fluent and flowing.

During the practices many thing I learned as how to work with 3D at the barn/workshop with few materials such as timber, wire, plaster, clay (ceramics) to improve and support my understanding of creative practices.

Floating is somehow related to the word levitate, emerge, rising, and flying. One thing that is clear for me that to  create a floating object could be affected by many factor

Shape / quantity, as a set of shape no matter it is circle, or rectangle or triangle, a bunch of variety size of shapes from small to big in one frame might give a floating effect.

Angle/photography, the technique of the angle, casting shadows, reflection might as well giving the effect of floating object.

Material, many material could be worked with as during my research I saw many artist such as Espen Dietrichson, Rebecca Horn, Andrew Drummond, Alexandra Perelman, Gilles Barbier, William Forsythe and etc. They use various kind of material from 2D to public art, using water as medium, thin string, cloth, simple frame on the wall, light, photography.


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