It was pretty fun to be introduced rotoscope technique, a motion graphics editing in a video. This was my first time doing it. I choose ballerina one because it already captivating at firstsight giving me an idea what it will become. I was already imagining she spin like a tornado and creates a huge impact on the stage. The excitement makes the standart editing duration 5 seconds to 15 seconds since it feel like it glued my hand to the pen tablet but honestly cannot hold the boringness to finished it fast since too much work in this rotoscope procedure but It was fun.



ST- Stop motion story board


Starred by:




Once upon a time,  Mad Scientist creating a new invention and made a magical magnifying glass that could turn back/change somebody’s age.


On the other hand, at the office..


An office staff that always work like crazy everyday with a low salary. He got tired and bored while regret being an adult, wishing he could turn back time and became child again.


One day on his way home, he saw a brochure on the street that the scientist found an invention to change the age. He decided to go find the scientist


Finally the scientist doing his first experiment to try of the magical magnifying glass. But accidentally it did not work out and the office staff turn into chewbacca.

Chewbacca freak out and the news spread fast that there is a chewbacca in the city!



Then policeman come to arrest the mad scientist.

At the court the mad scientist pledge for his life and made one chance agreement with the judge to correct his wrong.


The mad scientist back to his lab and making a time travel hovercraft


They go time travel and it succeed


At last, the chewbacca change back to human, working diligently and appreciate what he got. The scientist stop making new invention after that incident.




ST – Shape of Things, week 4

We were told to do something with plastic bags and Gina show us work of some artist like Tony oursler and Olga Diego. We were working in groups of 3 people, Jason & Tristan include me.

Then I decided to put at side of window and give the  light shine through it as the practices to experiment it with space or using fan.

Or I imagine it light up using a projector and put it into space

Then I took some of my wire work that I work based on the  “floating” verb, I change or situate it in another site.

I think the site very emerging to gives an identity or narratives of our work. For instance photos above that I place the work in grass land makes how beautifully done by photograph or visual satisfaction and second I put in space so it looks like floating.



ST – Shape of Things, Plaster and Clay week 3

Third week’s of workshop we,especially me first time seeing the process with plaster and clay for first time. Notes I taken was plaster ratio is 1:1.5 , 1 kg of plaster flour : 1.5 Litre of water, then mix it then put inside a medium to  make a mould with certain shape.

I chose to work with clay because I always love statue or ornament things and this was a great moment to experiment with it.